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Hotel and Restaurant User-Generated Content: Cultivating Absorptive Capacity for Improvements in Organizational Performance


Paying But Half Heed To My Father And His World:
Daughters and Fathers in Postcolonial Texts of South Africa and Ireland


Unfolding Stories: The Meaning of Work for Black, sub-Saharan African Immigrant Adult Students Pursuing a Four-Year Degree – A Hermeneutic Study

The Construction of Racialized Difference In and Through Evaluation

Founder Assessment Criteria in Investment Selection: A Review and Look Ahead

Equine Assisted Social Work as an Intervention for Emerging Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Prodigality in Thomas Dekker’s The Shoemaker’s Holiday:

The Noble Apprentice, the City, and City Comedy

Academic Articles

"The Just War in Florentine Political Discourse, c. 1200-1400," article for submission to journal on history of international law

"Praxis Makes Perfect? Transcending Textbooks to Learning Evaluation in Cultural Contexts," article for Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

"Private Overborrowing Under Sovereign Risk," Economics job-market paper

"Optimal Redistributive Policy in Debt-Constrained Economies," Economics job-market paper


Engagement for Climate Action, book chapter about Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, for book published by Routledge

Public Education

Eco-Learning Legacies, educational and training materials covering a wide range of environmental and health topics for adults who want to teach self-organized classes or help their children learn

Letters and Applications

Application essays for Master’s Program in English and Doctoral Fellowship in Gender Studies/Sociology


Cover letter for job application for university teaching position in Sociology

Job Market Papers, Teaching Philosophy Statements, Research Philosophy Statements, and  Diversity Statements for applications for university teaching positions for Economics graduate students

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